Interview: Azure Fundamentals_Part 2

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure SQL Database — (PaaS)

Azure SQL Managed Instance — PaaS

Good to know: Explore big data and analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics / Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure HDInsight

Azure Databricks

Azure Data Lake Analytics

Azure compute services

Containers and Kubernetes

Azure Container Instances — PaSS

Azure Kubernetes Service

App Service — Paas

Types of app services


Azure Logic Apps (Stateful)

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Azure Storage account

Disk storage (External Drive)

Azure Blob storage

Azure Files

Understanding Blob access tiers

Azure Virtual Network

Isolation and segmentation

Internet communications

Communicate between Azure resources

Communicate with on-premises resources

Route network traffic

Filter network traffic

Connect virtual networks

Azure VPN Gateway fundamentals

VPN gateways



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